Our Mission

To assist public and private sector of Iran and provide them with the new technologies, supply new sources of income via international activities (e.g. partnership, joint venture) and play an effective role in oil and gas market by also actively participating in providing equipments and services.  read more ...


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About Us

Our team is composed of highly experienced petroleum exploration and exploitation geologists and environmentalist with a long working knowledge and experiences both offshore and onshore.

Their variety of expertise which include surface and subsurface geology, sequence stratigraphy, paleontology , geophysics, sedimentology, petrophysics, reservoir geology, basin modeling , geomatics ( space-taken image interpretation and GIS- based database establishment) and finally environmental studies.

Our deep knowledge about different aspects of G&G studies, include ; tectonic setting, structural characteristics, advanced mapping techniques, 2D & 3D seismic processing ,supervision and Interpretation, surface and subsurface geological studies,log interpretation, reservoir studies, prospect generation, basin modeling and environmental studies. we are equipped with or can access to the most advanced and widely used software and technologies available in the industry